Our cargo box range consists of three different products: lightly-insulated cargo boxes, FNAs and FRCs.

Our cargo boxes are built on our own chassis and are equipped with the best side doors and functionality on the market. E.g. the Flexi-Track cargo system enables quick and easily-adjustable load securing, which is largely integrated into the design.

Närko offers a wide range of platforms according to customer requirements.

Närko’s chassis are manufactured, surface treated and assembled from start to finish on a modern assembly line according to high quality requirements. We offer a wide range of well-thought-out solutions specially designed for Nordic conditions.

Our timber trailers are built in a range of models and for a variety of purposes, from off road to longer distance freights on paved roads.

The Närko range also includes reliable side-tipping bodyworks and trailers for chip and pellet transport.

Närko is the market leader in Dolly trailers in the Nordic region. We offer a wide selection of Dollies for the Nordic countries. These consist of a lightweight construction with a well-thought-out design at a competitive price. Because of the amount of transportation using modular combinations today, Dolly trailers have become one of Närko’s main products.

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Vi har i disse dager fått lov til å levere en flott Närko FNA trailer med Carrier Vector 19950Mt. I tillegg er det lastebommer i skapet. Traileren har løft på første og sving på aksle 3. Store verktøykasser, bom kasse og rustfrie plater på sidene. Masse oransje LED lamper osv osv. Takk for at vi fikk levere denne til dere og gratulere med ny trailer.


Närko can be seen on all European roads. We work hard on quality, safety and a wide range of solutions. Our customers appreciate that we know our industry. This enables us to design and manufacture the market's best trailers and superstructures for different types of transports. As our trailers and bodyworks for trucks roll out, users get more than spare parts and service - they get a companion.